Truth Seeker

My second email addy was truthseeker1950. That was way back when I was first introduced to email. It was shorter than my original pick and actually, it fit me. What is the truth of the matter? I want to know the truth as do many others.

We want to know the truth politically. Yes, I know, politicians lie. Well, politicians are people and people lie. We want to know the truth plain and simple. We want the truth and nothing but the truth from the media, scientists, doctors and politicians. Speaking truthfully makes life a lot more harmonious. 

Lies destroy lives. Well, maybe sometimes lying can save your life but I'm talking about wicked, evil lies here. The lies of the reprobate mind are quite destructive. As a Truth Seeker, you know how truth heals, shapes lives, inspires, encourages and uplifts a soul, uplifts humanity.

Truth is both bitter and sweet. No matter that there is the yin and yang of truth, the light and the dark of truth, truth is always best. My mom used to say, "A liar is worse than a thief and if you life, you'll steal." That bit of wisdom, that truth stayed with me throughout the years. "Tell the truth, shame the devil," another 'drop of honey' to add to that sweet pot of life.

A Truth Seeker digs deep. They not only want to know the truth of the world but of themselves. How am I contributing to the world at large? Am I pointing the finger and not seeing that three are pointing back at me? What words am I speaking that are causing a ripple effect, good or not so good? Am I speaking my truth? Am I living my truth? The journey from head to toe is said to be one of the hardest journeys to take. I dare say, it is well worth it too. 

Find the treasures of the truth of you. Uncover the truth of world matters. Smile, laugh and enjoy the journey of being a Truth Seeker.

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Blissfully Energize.



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