The Journey Begins

Blissful blessings! 

It is my pleasure to bring to you products that speak to the Conservative Soul within you. One does not have to be a Republican to be Conservative. It's a values thing not a party thing. 

When I first was guided to open my store, it was to sell products that mostly shared inspirational quotes and affirmations to Sweeten the Pot of Life with Drops of Honey and then that Conservative energy showed up and I AM glad it did.
I saw that most of the tee shirts and hats had big bold lettering. I chose simple and elegant. Simplicity is sophisticated and classy. I like being simply elegant as  many others do as well.

Also, as we walk through these times of confusion and upheaval, balance is important. Feeling good is important. Manifesting your dreams, goals and aspirations is important, cause when we feel good, good things happen.

The products that have quotes and affirmation are to inspire, uplift, and encourage you to be the best representation of your Higher Self on this planet at this time. They are to energize those sweet cells in your mind and body to soar like an eagle above the negative influences in the world. 

Please enjoy exploring and choosing those products that speak to your heart. This is only the beginning. 

Check back for new products.

Energize sweetly,





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