I Think For Myself

Yes, I think for myself. I gather information. I do my research. I discern for myself that which feels and sounds right to my soul. If I didn't think for myself I would be brainwashed into believing everything and anything that I read or listen to. 

When I was much younger, there was a tee shirt I wore that said, "Think, it's not illegal yet." The quote was attributed to Malcolm X.

In this day and age, one begins to wonder if the thought police will enter into their lives to stop them from thinking for themselves. Could we really be in the age of 1984 instead of 2021? 

George Orwell said a lot in that book. It was as though he was able to see into the future. I do believe that there are those who will fight for our Constitutional Rights to be upheld by those who enter public office, and take an oath to uphold those inalienable rights. I also believe that there are those who take public office seriously. They know of that oath. They know that their word is important. They don't and won't simply go along to get along when it comes to the rights of the American people and America.

Think for yourself. Question what you read, watch and/or listen to. Discern. Feel into the truth of what is presented. Think for yourself and be renewed.

Energize Blissfully,


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