A Jar of Honey


Some years ago, I learned of a ritual to Oshun, Goddess of Love in the Ifa religion from out of Nigeria. The ritual spoke to sweetening someone's disposition towards you by writing their name of a piece of brown paper or parchment, and putting in in a jar of honey. 

As I was sitting outside, thinking about all that is going on in America and the world at large, I thought about that ritual. 

I thought to myself, I live in the United States of America. I want it to be really sweet to me, sweeter than it already is. 

Then I thought, America could be sweeter to me by not trying to infringe on my Constitutional rights; my God given rights.

So, let me write the name, the United States of America and put it in a jar of honey.

There are so many things that are not the sweet spot in America. Too much chaos and confusion, too much lying, cheating and stealing, to much hatred.

This must and will change, we just have to keep our eyes on the prize of what the Founding Fathers, the Framers of the Constitution had in mind for this country. 

The people coming here illegally, don't love America. They want to free stuff that this administration is giving them. I dare say, they are not willing to assimilate. 

Cities that decided to be "sanctuary cities" because they wanted to get even with the Trump administration caused these events to happen at a rapid pace. Now the influx can't be handled properly.

Yes, I want to see the sweetness of America come to fruition and this ritual, along with God's grace may be just the thing to assist in "sweetening the pot of life." 

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